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  1. help with my jetta stereo

    i have a 1997 jetta and my after stock stereo was riped out and stolen and i tried to install a new one but i get it connected and the sound it very low and when i put the cd in it sends it right back out some one told me about a stock amp might be blow or something like that if anny one knows anything that might help let me know please
  2. looking for a knob

    Hey everyone, Im looking for a radio knob for a 2002 Jetta. One of the knobs that controls bass, treble, fade, and balance got sucked into the vacuum at the gas station. Does anyone have one off their OEM that they would be willing to sell me. I can paypal you a few bucks for it and the shipping.
  3. Constant belt noise, so aggravating

    Quote Originally Posted by WhtJettaGlx View Post
    How'd you pin point it to that pulley squealing?? I'm having the same problem and often it is the idler pulley, but this caught my eye when I searched water pump (my water pump is going out and I was gonna see if there were any tuts on here for replacing one) Is it possible that since my water pump is leaking that pulley is the cause of the squeal?
    i actually just figured out its my timing belt squeeling lol
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