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  1. I see they've got a couple kits on autogeek too. Whenever i get time tomorrow like when maci is taking a nap i'll do some more reading on them. I appreciate all the help!
  2. that's a very nice kit, I was actually looking into that kit myself but ended up going with the Griots Garage DA it's a bit more powerful and has a lifetime waranty with it, that with a 6 pack of pads I believe is under 200 and as far as the pad conditioner and cleaner it's really not necessary just nice to have oh yea and the GG DA comes with a backing plate too
  3. They've got a kit for $200 bucks pretty good deal to me i guess. Just gotta talk the old lady into it lol..
  4. lol no problem, check out that's where I get all my detailing stuff, and if you have questions about pads and what not ask away
  5. See this is why i'm asking you this sh!t lol. Thanks.
  6. acttually from what I've heard there pretty legit, I have a rotary from them and have had no problems what so ever, now one of the problems that I've heard with them is the backing plate is not completely flat so I would get a different backing plate and I just wouldn't trust there pads on my paint, so that's something else you may want to look into getting
  7. I googled a few and lol $150+
  8. I got my compound from the paint shop that I got all paint from but you could use Menzerna IP2000 from, compounds are a bit pricey but worth it all the way, and if you want to really get into some polishing I'd recommend a DA polisher
  9. Where'd you get your compound? I need to wax and buff the passat and if it works good enough i'm going to wash the cruze and use my tar remover and buff it too lol.
  10. yea I did the turtle wax first and it worked a little just not nearly as well as compounding and what not
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