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Conversation Between Teh Chr!s and Vixen

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  1. Hahahaha that shit tickles!
  2. *Runs Up , Pokes In Side , RUNS AWAY WIT HANDS IN AIR*
  3. Hahaha , Yeaaaash
  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAH I didn't even think of that rofl. Touche, sir.
  5. lols that almost qualifies as a thats what she said statement
  6. Ah that's shitty. At least you have some nice paychecks though! You can come tear mine apart and put it back together whenever you want lol.
  7. eeeh just tryn to put the vr6 back together when im not sleeping or at work ... im still on nightshift .... this make 3 months now ;-/
  8. Nothing just keeping busy. How about you?
  9. whats up miss
  10. Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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