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Thread: Sunroof problems - 2006 jetta

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    Default Sunroof problems - 2006 jetta

    Ahhh... So since I bought my new car (certified pre owned) last week, I have had several issues. Im pissed off nobody showed me the awful noise the 2.5 makes when you start it up. It sounds like a P.O.S. for the first 30 seconds, like someone is shaking a can of pennies under my car.

    #2 It was downpouring outside the day I bought my car, and when I got it home to show my boyfriend it had stopped raining. Well the interior door seal (the soft, velvety one) was friggin drenched on every door. Come to find out the sunroof may be leaking. So here we go for service # 2 at VW within a week of purchase, tomorrow morining. Hopefully they figure something out. Any advice for when the sunroof is leaking, could there be any damage elsewhere I should check out? I am very dissapointed about all of this and hope its all an easy fix. Theres condensation on every door corner window, and the car is smelling moldy. Im not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Sunroof problems - 2006 jetta

    I know there was a recall on the sunroof drains on the MKIVs but I'm not too familiar with the new models. I would throw a fit and tell them that they either repair it on their own wallets or you're going to return the car. I think there's a law in Cali giving out a 3 day grace period on bought cars or something but I'm not sure about other states. Either way tell them you're not going to pay for repairs and that they shouldn't have sold you a car with those problems.

    EDIT: Just seen the post date lol my bad guys

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