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ID:	5830I have a 98 jetta, I have not had a problem with this car. I drove down to get my daugters car she had had worked. I started it up and went to pull out and it seemed like it was going to die. I gave it a little gas and took off fine. then I stopped to make a left turn and it died. Know won't start. I have as of know checked fuel pump all lines, i have also checked fuel regulator. I have gas clear to the injectors. I have also checked the spark to make sure it was firing. There is no problem there. I have found that the fuel to the injectors but no gas going into cylinder. I talked to a VW mechanic and told me to check to make sure the computer was firing the injector. I used a specfic test light that will show it the fuel injector is working. So I am at a lose. Please help I have no idea from there what it could be.