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Thread: 2002 jetta VR6 tiptronic problem...need help

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    Default 2002 jetta VR6 tiptronic problem...need help

    i sed to sell used cars and im thinking of buying this 2002 jetta that my old boss just got in. 2002 VR6 black with black leather and i can probably get it for 3000 cash...he owes me a few favors lol. looks pretty straight besides a few things and interior is mint. runs and drive good just needs a bit of a tuneup i think. the trans shifts fine when you put it in drive but when i slide it over to the tiptronic nothing changes. the numbers on the dash dont change and i have no control over the shifts. is the a common problem and is it easily fixable. i do all my own work but dont know much about jettas...usually a pontiac guy lol.

    thanks in advance


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    Default Re: 2002 jetta VR6 tiptronic problem...need help

    I am having this exact same problem! I just bought my 2004 Jetta (1.8T) monday and the tiptronic was working fine but i took it to get a diagnostic tuesday to make sure i didnt just buy a dud and since then the tiptronic isnt working anymore!! is their anything i can do before i take it back to the auto shop to look at it? which im sure they will charge for

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    Default Re: 2002 jetta VR6 tiptronic problem...need help

    I had EXACTLY the same problem in my 2002 Jetta. The reason is either u have low level of fluid in ur trans. or fluid is deteriorated. My Problem solved after changing trans. fluid. During changing the fluid, i found only 3.5l fluid in tranny, which should be 4l. It means that there is a leakage in my tranny. As i have fluid leak in transmission, the level decreased and tiptronic stoped working, i think.

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    Default Re: 2002 jetta VR6 tiptronic problem...need help

    Sounds more like an electrical problem to me. Scan the car using a vag-com if you have one available. If you have access to a Snapon Modis or the likes, you may be able to get into the TCU, but I can't say for sure.

    And ofcourse you're a Pontiac guy, they only ever need one fix.... Intake gaskets
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