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Thread: 1.8T turbo oil leak

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    Default 1.8T turbo oil leak

    I bought a 03' 1.8T GLS a month or two ago has a rebuild project, it's actually my first car. I had to swap engines because of a cylinder head problem, I know that it sounds better to swap out the head instead of a new motor but when the costs were added up it was better in the long haul to just put in a new lower engine with lower miles. Thats besides the point.
    Everything was being put back together today and the engine is actually running, but there was an oil leak that was noticed not long after it was started up. It was thought that the leak was coming from the metal oil line that ran from the filter on the front of the block to the turbo at the rear of the block. After some investigation though it was determined that the oil is actually leaking directly out of the turbo into the exhaust system. It was determined that the pervious engine was beginning to be starved of oil, the cylinder head showed that. There is now a different block and head in the car but the turbo had to be switched over from the old engine. Is it possible that there is a o-ring, seal or gasket that I missed when attaching the turbo back onto the engine? I do know that there was one that linked the turbo to the exhaust manifold but that's not the problem. With what is going on I'm wondering if there is a seal leak somewhere in the turbo letting oil out of the coolant lines into the turbo than out the exhaust or has the turbo been effected/broke because of the oil starvation? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: 1.8T turbo oil leak

    you probly blew the seal inside the turbo. they sell rebuild kits for cheap, ull need somethin like this http://www.volkswaparts.com/K03Rebuild.htm
    you also have an oil feed and oil drain line gaskets that can leak over time. but if it went into the exhaust system, it's probly the actual turbo seal causing the problem.

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