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Thread: '97 Jetta Not Starting - Any Ideas?

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    Default '97 Jetta Not Starting - Any Ideas?

    So, my car is a 1997 Jetta GL, 2.0 Liter engine, everything standard. Here's my problem:

    My car won't start right now. On day one, I tried to start it, and I had left my headlights on (first time in 5 years). Battery was totally dead, but I had it jumped, it started right up, and I drove a lot that day. The car was working just fine at the end of the day. I parked the car, plugged it in (I'm in Alaska, but it's not very cold right now, +20F during the day, and only -10F at night, car is completely winterized with block, oil pan, and battery heaters) and went to sleep.

    Two days later, I tried to start the car, and it wouldn't fire. I thought maybe the battery was not quite up to full charge, although the starter sounded just fine, so I got it jumped just in case. No change. Everything sounded normal, but not a single cylinder fired even once. That was a day or two ago, but in the mean time, I've done the following checks:

    * The air intake is free of obstruction and that the throttle moves when the gas pedal is depressed
    * The timing belt and serpentine (sp?) belts are spinning when the starter turns
    * Power is going to the spark plugs when the the starter is cranking
    * The spark plugs are not fouled
    * There is plenty of gas in the vehicle, over 1/2 tank :P
    * No fluids are leaking from the engine, and all fluids are within the recommended range
    * There were NO indications that something was wrong prior to it not starting
    * I sprayed some starter fluid into the intake, which should have fired even if there was a blockage in the fuel line or my fuel pump was dead, but again, NOTHING
    * Everything in the car seems to work just fine otherwise, ie. heater, radio, headlights, etc.

    Perhaps I should also mention that last summer I removed and inspected everything from the lower intake manifold and up, and replaced the following parts:
    *spark plugs
    *ignition wires
    *distributor cap and rotor
    *all associated gaskets
    *fuel filter
    [There might be others that I don't remember at the moment, sorry]

    If anyone has any advice or suggestions about the problem, or knows any more simple diagnostics that I can do to help narrow down the problem, I'd appreciate it very much. I'm currently at college, so my tool selection is pretty limited, but I can always go and buy some. I'm trying to avoid the $80 tow to the shop and then another $85/hr on top of that, but I'll do it if I have to. I'm not in a time crunch, since this issue already canceled my spring break plans, so the car can sit in the lot its in until next August as far as the school is concerned.

    Thanks for your help - let me know if you need more details. I tried to include everything that I could think of.

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    Default Re: '97 Jetta Not Starting - Any Ideas?

    could be crank sensor. any codes?

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