I have a '02 4-cyl 2.0L Jetta with roughly 150k miles. Was using my car to listen to music and was starting it every now and then to save the battery. But then we must have waited too long cause now it wont start. I'll jump it and it will start, and 1 second later just shuts off. I'll rev the engine as I start it, with cables attached, and it will still shut off mid-rev. The radio, lights, power locks/trunk etc all work right now but it wont start on its own and, like I said, shuts off a second later. Battery is less than a year old so I think it's my alternator. Im not the most mechanically educated so could use whatever advice. Money is tight as well, so was considering repairing my alternator if I couldn't find a cheap used/new one. Having trouble finding a repair kit as well. Thanks