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Thread: Jetta heater core connector leak

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    Default Jetta heater core connector leak

    Hi guys, I found out my heater core connector is leaking coolant. When the engine is running, a light nudge on the connector would leak much more.
    Question is how do you remove this connector to check if I need to replace it? Is this a quick connection type as I tried to pull out without any luck.
    Hope I can fix this leak myself before sending to the stealership. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Jetta heater core connector leak

    there should be a little metal clip on it pry it up with a flat head dont try to remove it completely . once you get it up the hose should pop off pretty easily its probably the o-ring inside of it i had the same problem
    just bought a dub O_O

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    Hey Thanks! It was really easy. The o-ring was totally worn out. Replaced the o-ring and sleeve and no more leaks. Now I am wondering if I should change the other one although it is not leaking and I have spare o-ring...Hmmm

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