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Thread: DIY: How to Remove 2.5L Engine Cover

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    Default DIY: How to Remove 2.5L Engine Cover

    I didn't see a post for the 2.5L Engine Cover so here goes....

    Tools You'll need:

    Phillips Screwdriver
    Slotted Pliers
    Torx 15 Driver

    This image basically shows the points where the cover is attached:

    First Step is to remove the torx screws holding the cover to the air intake:

    Next Remove the sensor connection:

    Use the pliers to release the hose:

    Now to the cover itself:

    You will need to use some pressure to pull the cover from the mounts.
    I pulled up on the lower left corner and it will sort of pop free, like pulling
    a cork out of a bottle. Repeat this with the other corners.

    Finally you will need to wiggle the cover free from the engine compartment.
    There is a down-tube on the back of the cover that requires some work to wiggle it free.

    This Picture shows the back of the cover:

    To remove the air filter simply remove the screws on the back of the engine cover.

    The screws are numbered 1-5 so I removed them in that order

    The filter cover then can be opened as so:

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    Question Re: DIY: How to Remove 2.5L Engine Cover

    what a 2.5 engine cover that has no holes for the torx screws

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    Default Re: DIY: How to Remove 2.5L Engine Cover

    Ok, going to try this first thing in the morning. I got a K&N drop in filter, wanna try it out with an ECU flash next. Keepin it simple.

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    Default Re: DIY: How to Remove 2.5L Engine Cover

    Awww, shucks!! I snapped the front left clip! At least there is a tight enough seal against the seal/surround of the new filter. Should not be a problem.
    BTW, runs like a raped ape for a 2.5 that it! Didn't audi turbo these and get crazy HP?

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    Default Re: DIY: How to Remove 2.5L Engine Cover

    Thank you!! I have had a hard timefinding anything that seems to be geared for the BRAND NEW NEVER HAD A VW BEFORE OWNER!! This is quint essintial info for me since I know NOTHING about my 07 Jetta wolf 2.5!! Any other helpul info or even links would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: DIY: How to Remove 2.5L Engine Cover

    Good info. Thanks

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