just got new transmitter for key fob, i have gone through the instructions on Page 123 of manual for programing transmitter to no avail. I have done this with the transmittter that came with the car and programming works as expected. the new transmitter will not program. I have drained the capacitance and reconnected the battery as suggested on other forms, no luck with the new transmitter the original transmitter still works. the flip key portion (immobalizer) of the second key is the original that came with the car as is the flip key of the first transmitter. The transmitter that came with the second problem key fob got run through the washing machine and still works sort of...all 3 buttons + the panic button works however sometimes the alarm goes off at random so i have remove the battery from that transmitter so it does not confuse the issue. the part #s of the new transmitter match the old transmitter. i am at a loss,

according to everything i have read i should be able to program this new transmitter using the instructions on page 123 of the owners manual. any HELP please.