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Thread: Fuel pump / relay problem....HELP

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    Default Fuel pump / relay problem....HELP

    Car died on hwy last month ('01 Jetta 1.8T), did some troubleshooting, bottom line new fuel pump, same thing happened yesterday fuel pump wouldn't prime), fortunately driveway, so I changed the fuel pump relay. Still nothing...after poking around for 2 hours. I decide to check the fuel pump. DOA...bad pump I suppose, but pretty rare. The question is while I had the voltmeter hooked up to the fuel pump harness to check the voltage, I was getting a reading of 1.65 v without the ignition on. When I turned the key it jumped up to 12.4 for a few seconds then went back to 1.65. I did pull the fuel pump out and tried to jump it with a battery and got nothing, so I am getting a free one sent under warranty. Question is is that normal to show a reading with the car ignition off of 1.65v?

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    The fuel pump prices when you open the door instead of only when you turn the key so it sounds normal that the pump would have some power with the key out of the ignition. It probably shuts off completely when you lock the car. Don't quote me on that though

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    ^^^ makes a lot of sense. I'm thinking the same way.
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    It shuts off after a certain amount of time once the car is off. That way it doesn't burn itself out if you make alot of quick stops

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    Default Re: Fuel pump / relay problem....HELP

    Thanks for the responses, got the new fuel pump yesterday and she fired right up, we'll see how long this fuel pump lasts (hopefully it was just a bad pump) I did notice however that when I had disconnected the battery while changing the pump and fuel filter that when tested again with the meter after hooking up the battery, she read 0.0, so it probably does shut off after a while, just hoping it doesn't stay on and kill the pump somehow. We shall see!

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