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    Hey guys,

    I purchased a 5 speed 2000 VR6 last month. I got it on the cheap because it had an issue with the EPC light. After doing my research, I decided this would probably be an easy fix. Well, it hasn't been. First off, the symptoms. P1542 and P1171 with EPC light on and limp home mode. This happens randomly, not at any specific time or with any specific action. Now, how I've tried to resolve it. Cleaned TB, swapped TB, TB adaptation on both TB's, cleaned MAF, swapped MAF, swapped accelerator pedal and swapped brake light switch. And would you believe the darn EPC keeps coming on with the same codes. What am I missing? What should I try next? Thanks.

    Edit: I have also tried a different ECU.

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    Have you tried to clear the codes, then wait to see if the same ones pop up?

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    Yes, I have. Multiple times. As an addendum to my first post, I have also tried a different ECU.

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