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Thread: Cel throwing p1176 code. Need help

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    Default Cel throwing p1176 code. Need help

    I jut picked up a 03 jetta 1.8t and it has a bov on it an air intake and a cheap aftermarket muffler welded on. The day after I got it it threw the code. I work from home so I haven't driven it much. The code said it could be
    1: the engine is running a lean fuel mixture
    2: possible vacuum leak
    3: rear o2 sensor.

    I already had the exhaust checked and no leaks. I'm thinking I need to change the bov to a dv and that would fix it. But maybe it is tht I need the spacer on the cat since the exhaust is aftermarket. If its jut the o2 sensor I'll change it. What do y'all think?

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    Default Re: Cel throwing p1176 code. Need help

    BOVs tend to run 1.8ts rich. But yes you should replace it anyway with a DV. Its healthier for the car without particular modifications. But i will address your 3 issues. Lean mixture could be a wealth of things, i personally would start with your MAF, its on the cheaper end of fixes. Or you could pop it off and replace with it with a buddies good MAF and see if you still get the fault. or just buy a new one.

    this is your MAF, it bolts into your air box/intake whatever you have depending on if youve replaced the box.

    Vac leaks are common enemies. Best way to hunt these down (unless your surging really hard, then theres really only a few obvious culprits) is to put soap on your vac lines then turn the car over and have someone watch or give her some throttle and watch for bubbles. Those are leaks and hoses that need replacing.

    Rear o2 sensor, replace it ha. ecstuning.com had a sale a few weeks ago, at least for my b5.5 passat they did.
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