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Thread: A/C Problems

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    Default A/C Problems

    O.K. this is how things went to the best of my memory. It's 100 degrees outside and I get in my car which has had the a/c fan running with the engine off for about an hour as well as the stereo. Right after melting my ass to the black leather seats I shut off the a/c fan and turn the key. The engine is a little hard to turn over, probably because the battery is drained. In an effort to cool off I hit the climatronic down to LO and wait for some cool relief. The cold air starts to enter the cabin and I drive off. Within 30 seconds I heard a pretty loud pop/bang not sure where from though. Now the a/c will only blow warm/hot air except for the lowest fan settings. It blows cold but not enough to even hit my face. As soon as increase strength it goes warm. It appears to blow at the suggested strength just not the desired temp. I ran the diagnostic check of the climatronic and it provided me with a code of 4F9 0A.h. it also had a stored code of 0E5 01.h. I think the 4F9 code suggested the heater blower motor not working but it appears to be. I understand there is a resistor that is attached to this motor? I have several questions.
    1. could the pop sound be the resistor blowing when the fans were hot and energized?
    2. could this cause the fan to run but blow warm air at the high setting?
    3. has anybody replaced the resistors in line fuse thing rather than the entire resistor?
    4. anybody have the correct pressures for hi/low pressure ports for adding refrigerant and the codes for climatronic.
    I really don't have any cash to dump into chasing around suspected causes so I'm searching for similar experiences. thanks in advance. or if you are a sugar momma and just want to buy me a new car pm me!

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    Default Re: A/C Problems

    To update. My attitude is this I'll try anything without regard for consequence as long as there seems to be some bit of logic involved. A friend suggested that I imagined the pop and that it wasn't associated with the lack of cool airflow. He suggested dumping a bottle of refrigerant into the system to see if this fixes the problem and that it was the cheapest option prior to throwing a bunch of money at qualified mechanics to improperly diagnose and repair the problem. So what the heck! I bought the cheapest bottle of 134 (the one without the gauge) turned the car and a/c on and dumped the entire bottle in in about 5 seconds. I found this suprising and thought it would be a more time consuming process. Outcome....still no cool air.
    Here comes the funny stuff. I went by autozone to buy the 3 hose manifold gauge thing to properly try to assess the charge in my a/c system. This young lady working behind the counter listens to my story and interprets this as a plea for help. She says that I overcharged my system and that is why it won't turn on. I buy the $12 gauge that attaches to the low pressure fitting and attach it. It spins the needle and breaks the gauge. She says that she was right and that my system was way overcharged. She suggested that I let some refrigerant out (bike tire style) and claims that she is not allowed to actually touch the car just provide verbal assistance. So, standing back and a bit to the side I gently pressle the nipple in and WHAMMO! I got blasted straight in the eye with a moneyshot of r-134 goo. Payback I suppose for all those times on the other end of that one! ha ha ha. It was her that suggested that this was the reason this just happened to me. At this point I'm starting to like this chick. She brings me a rag and another gauge and suggests that I keep bleeding out the pressure until the compressor kicks on and cool air comes out. Slowly and more cautiously I get busy. Now the compressor is actually pretty quiet and I couldn't really tell much of a difference in sound but it is barely audible. Presto! Really cold air coming out of the vents.
    So now I'm thinking what really was that popping sound if it seemingly had no realation to the a/c, or did it? I mean why would the car coincidentally start blowing warm air especially if the system worked well prior to the pop? Keep in mind it was a hundred degrees and the blower fan had been running for about an hour with the engine not running before this all started. So a day later I just wanted to verify the low pressure was where it should be. I connected the gauge and it was a bit higher than I wanted but the system was working. This value was determined by the chart provided with the gauge. I still do not have the VW specs for the system. Anyway, I gave it a quick bit of relief and the pressure was whitin the suggested range. Again, cold air and great airflow. Now this morning I start the car, turn on the a/c and do a quick cleanup of garbage from my driveway before leaving, only to find when getting into the car that the system is blowing warm air. I check the pressure again and the pressure is at 100, well in the red. I brief release of the pressure and it is back to the suggested pressure range and once again cold air. SO the real question would be...... WTF? Or why is this happening? I beleived that by bleeding the pressure down to the appropriate level this would rectify the problem and that it should not go back up. I'm kind of lost now if not from the beginning. Is there a possibility that high pressure is bleeding over? What was that pop? My eye feels better. That chick was kind of hot, maybe I should go back. I've got serious ADD! I should just trade it in for a new one. If anybody has anything constructive to add, say it. If not, say it anyway, I'm at work bored and don't get butthurt. Thanks

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