I just bought this car, and the po said the engine was blown. Well.. I sort of got it running, but I just can't seem to get it to idle.

2.0 aeg
Neuspeed supercharger
Neuspeed software
Neuspeed exhaust
No cat (test pipe)

When I got it:
Timing off 1 tooth
Plug wires in the wrong connectors on the coilpack
Multiple vacuum leaks
MIL on

What I've done:
Adjust timing
Reorder the plug wires
Replace plugs with oe NGKs
Fix a bunch of hoses with tape temporarily

After this, the car would hard start (with some throttle) and will idle on the first attempt (engine cold), but will not idle on subsequent attempts (needs throttle to approx. 1200rpm). It just dies out if I let all the way off the throttle.

I ran a vagcom scan on the car and it showed a bunch of faults. I'll post the scan if necessary. Almost all of the faults could be explained by the condition I got the car in.

After clearing the faults and doing a tb adaptation, the problem did not change AND there are NO engine related faults being thrown. The only fault is an ABS fault for a bad left front wheel sensor.

I have not checked the 2nd 02 sensor to make sure it's in the test pipe, but I will when the rain stops.

I also checked compression and it's a little low on 2 and 3, but still above the wear limit according to the bentley (110 limit, 115 measured). It does have some blow by, but I'm fairly certain it's of no consequence to the issue at hand.

Wtf is going on here? Any ideas or suggestions to try?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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