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Thread: help - my coolant is leaking and I don't know where

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    Post help - my coolant is leaking and I don't know where

    I have a 2000 V6 Jetta that I bought used and have run into some trouble. I want to figure out what the problem is exactly before I take it to be repaired so I'm open to any comments or suggestions (I hope this is in the right category). Below is a more detailed description my husband has written up.

    its done 68000 miles

    it does not loose coolant when you drive it, it seems to loose it when its parked - particularly overnight on some mornings when checked- the whole coolant fill up reservoir (that clear bottle next to the wiper fluid) needs to be topped to the max mark - it is completely empty - some mornings it only needs a little top up and some mornings it does not need topping up. However the coolant NEVER appears to be leaking onto the ground - it is simply disappearing somewhere.


    1. could originally smell coolant thru the interior air ducts when the air/AC/Heat was initially turned on, the smell would subside a few min later
    so we thought it was the heat core that was leaking and the fluid was filling the core
    we isolated the heater coil issue by diverting the coolant from the heater core by connecting the coolant IN hose to the OUT hose just inside the engine bay by the firewall, thus removing the heating functionality of the interior.
    But the coolant keeps disappearing, and we know its not the heater core

    2. got a mechanic to pressure test the coolant system- under pressure it don’t leak but found a leaking head gasket when pressure subsides.

    head not blown, as indicated by not loosing compression on cinders, no evidence of a water/creamy color when you check the oil by dipstick

    Have been quoted $900.00 to fix the leaking head gasket (IS this a good Price?

    I want to be certain replacing the head gasket will fix your disappearing coolant issue

    Also, what the right coolant type is and how much it costs for a gallon and what the would the distilled water/coolant ratio be?

    Any advice would be a big help.

    thank you!

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    Default Re: help - my coolant is leaking and I don't know where

    you'll need about 4.5 liters need G11V8B Pentosin is VW oem. A gallon at the dealership costs about $30 plus tax (gallon = 3.79 liters) and 4.5 liters (3 bottles @ 1.5L = 1.17 gallons) for about $30 (about 1.17 gallons) of coolant to get a 50% coolant mix (though if you're in an area which is rarely gets such freezing temperatures--like below -35 degrees F--then go with 60% water to 40% coolant which is supposed to protect against freezing down to -25 or so
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    Default Re: help - my coolant is leaking and I don't know where

    ive replaced the coolant flange assembly on 2 of my jetta and that was the source of the leak. on the 02 1.8t the flange assembly is located attached to the motor on the right side of the crankcase, there is a y shaped breather hose coming out of the topright side of the crankcase, under that you'll find the flange assembly wich is attached with tow bolts. the assembly is a plastic piece that holds the coolant temp sensor and 3 coolant hoses. the part was about 29 bucks, it comes with a washer but you will need a small one too for the temp sensor

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