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Thread: 97 Jetta fuse panel problem??

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    My grandson' has been running fine until his brother stepped into drivers seat. Upon entering he kicked the hanging (on 1 mount) fuse panel, and now it will not start. I was given the task of trying to get the car running. I found no power on either side of electronics fuse (#15) and the relay fuse gave a momentary pulse with test lite upon powering up the key. I went into trunk to inertia switch, with the battery disconnected. I rehung the fuse panel properly with two mounts. Upon reconnecting the battery, the alarm initiated, and I could not turn the alarm of with key in door locking unlocking. I cut the alarm wire under wipers. The car now has power to @15 fuse both sides with key on, but I have lost pulse to #18 fuel pump fuse. The wiring behind the fuse panel is a mess. I was wondering if the power to the @15 fuse could have been a stretched connection or an ECM malfunction? I have tried switching fuel pump relay with a known good one, as his brother has a 95 JETTA, with no luck. Also I have no secondary spark at dist cap upon cranking from the start of this quandary. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    You cannot simply cut the alarm wire. If the alarm is not functioning properly it will cut power to the starter and will not allow the car to crank/start. There are proper ways to remove the entire alarm system if you wish, just google it. Your problem with the alarm however is simple. When you reconnect the battery the alarm will always go off. You can only turn it off with unlocking the car with the key fob or using the key in the driver side door. Here is a good alarm link with some info. Hope it helps. http://faculty.ccp.edu/faculty/dreed...alarmhelp2.htm

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