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Thread: 98 jetta 2.0 will not start, HELP!!

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    Default 98 jetta 2.0 will not start, HELP!!

    1998 jetta im working on my friends car, it has power when you turn the key. but it will not turn over. i thought it would of been the clutch switch, then i put my obd2 comp on and it told me it was the 02 circut, no activity dectected ( bank one, sensor 1) P0134, but when you pop it she starts right up so im guessing it is one of the relays but i dont have a digram for them....all of them have numbers on, if any one can help get back at me please, thanks

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    start with the easy stuff..

    If it pop starts and runs fine after that I would take a close look at the starter and back track from there.

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    Does the starter turn? Do you hear clicks when you turn the key? I would start with starter then plugs...

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    Default Re: 98 jetta 2.0 will not start, HELP!!

    I have some what of the same problem. I turn the key and nothing. Everything lights up but the engine will not crank. I go under the dash and depress the clutch safety switch a few times, real quick and hard, turn the key it starts.
    Is the switch bad?

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    Default Re: 98 jetta 2.0 will not start, HELP!!

    Mine did the same thing the other day, one of the clips on the back of the starter solenoid broke and came disconnected.

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