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Thread: Power Loss on Freeway 1.8T

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    Default Power Loss on Freeway 1.8T

    I have a 2003 Jetta 1.8T with an auto. Every once in a while I will be driving down the freeway between 65 and 80mph and the power will drop to idle as if I have let off the gas. If I push the pedal to the floor, nothing happens. I let off, push down, nothing. The tach reads 2500rpm so the engine is still running but it is just coasting. Then all by itself, the power comes back as if nothing happens. Has anyone experienced this? Is it possible that the gas pedal sensor (the throttle by wire system) is failing? The check engine light never comes on, but is there a way that I can check the codes without a scanner?
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    WTF!? That definately sounds like either a computer problem or accelerator sensor is screwed (though I was unaware the newer models went to throttle by wire).

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    try to find someone with a VAG-COM and have them scan it. If you have access to a laptop and vagcom then you can log it as you are driving.
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