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Thread: Radio is in safe mode

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    Default Radio is in safe mode

    i looked around and alot of people are saying that their should be a boook in my trunk for the radio or a sticker inside of my door with the info on it i can't find either and i really want my radio to work!


    does anyone have the web site where u can get the code from your serial number?
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    Default Re: Radio is in safe mode

    Google is your friend! But yeah... There should be a sticker in the trunk next to the spare, under the carpet... OR, that same sticker in your owners manual. If you don't have those... Good luck finding how to get it from the serial (VIN?) number. Cause I dunno of any other way.

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    Default Re: Radio is in safe mode

    Quote Originally Posted by The Doughty Breeze View Post
    does anyone have the web site where u can get the code from your serial number?
    The only website I know of is password protected and only accessable by VW technitians. You may be able to find someone on VWVortex who will be able to get it for you. Check out their audio forum, I've seen people get their radio code that way. Otherwise, you might try asking your local dealer if they can get the code for you.

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    Default Re: Radio is in safe mode

    The dealer will ask for some cash to get you the code + to put it on.!!

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    Default Re: Radio is in safe mode

    it will cost a bit. some dealers will charge. if you dont have the sticker in your trunk, you pull out the whole radio and there will be your serial number on the radio itself. i just took that number to VW and got the safe code to unlock it. luckily for me they didnt charge me :-)

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    Default Re: Radio is in safe mode

    So I went to my local dealer and got my 4 digit code, but I'm not sure what button combination/procedure I need to follow to make it work??

    My 2000 VW Jetta has the factory stereo with the CD player below it. I tried the right search button along with the "select" button but it didn't work.

    Any ideas

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    Default Re: Radio is in safe mode

    To enter your Code you use the radio preset buttons one through four, if your code is 1234 for example you press 1 once and 2 twice and and 3 three times 4 four times and then press your seek button to the right for at least 2 seconds. I would look in my manual to make sure thats the correct way but the old lady has the car. Remember if you mess the code up twice then it locks for an hour and you need to leave your key on for the whole hour before you can try again. The cycle is two failed attempts locked for an hour.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if i was right
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