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Thread: Need help with tweeters

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    Default Need help with tweeters

    I have a mk6 2011 se that does not have factory front tweeters, my question is can I buy the factory tweeter housings and will they fit where the caps are now? I want to install my aftermarket tweets in there and just make it so I dont have to drill anywhere and keep it clean looking.

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    You can buy the A-Pillar covers that have them.

    The CAPs should be on the speaker/tweeter itself. If not,
    you only need to add at least a 47uF on to the positive lead to
    the speaker.

    Ebay should have the A-Pillar speakers, and a pillar covers, and if you want
    the good ones, you can get the FENDER ones.

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    I was hoping this would fit

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    That looks like a side mirror cover, with speaker, I have seen them,
    and if it fits, yeah, it will work.

    If you have a speaker in the door, then parallel wire that speaker
    in with the door speaker wires.

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