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Thread: deisel particle filter

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    Default deisel particle filter

    My 2010 Jetta TDI is running fine. The engine light came on and the book said to check the emissions system. I took the car to the dealer who did a 100,000 mile service and diagnostic. He says it needs a THROTTLE ACT. ASSYM. AND CLEANING ($628.20) AND a DEISEL PARTICLE FILTER ($2614.52). $3242.72 total. This is more than 1/3 of the car value. My questions are: 1. Is this really necessary? 2. Is the cost reasonable? 3. Is there an alternative fix? 4. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: deisel particle filter

    The CEL does not come on for a clogged DPF filter, the DPF filter light comes on
    first once it reaches 40grams loading.

    If the DPF, Glow Plug, AND CEL are on, then the DPF is at full load. It's more likely
    that yours cracked, and is passing soot, hence the cleaning. Plus, the EGR
    goes into the intake after the throttle assembly. I am willing to bet the CEL
    light is on for EGR/flow errors. As the EGR filter clogs with soot due to a cracked
    DPF, exhaust gas flow is lowered. If you live in a state that does emissions checks,
    then you have to get it fixed, or sell it to a PA resident, we don't have emissions
    checks on diesels here (and gas cars in some counties).

    You can continue to drive it, as I have been. My CEL has been on for over 6 months,
    all EGR related codes. My DPF is cracked, happened at about the 100k mile mark...

    Check your tail-pipes, if there is soot in them them, then you know. If your red
    reflector above the tail pipes has soot on it, then for sure...

    There is NO ALTERNATIVE, other than paying much less to have it removed, and
    your ECU tuned to remove all the checks and balances. If your state does
    EM checks, then you have no choice, or sell it. I am sure you can find a buyer
    in Pennsylvania. IN fact, once I get rid of my Charger and my other Jetta, I am
    buying another TDI.

    You can clean the throttle assembly yourself, and can even leave it on but I
    would not worry about it. As I said, I have been running for about 7 months
    with my CEL on for EGR. I doubt it even needs cleaned, the EGR filter is
    supposed to prevent soot passing into the intake. I have 163K+ miles on mine
    dude, and been running this way for over 65k miles now.

    Take you car to Auto Zone or other place and have them read the codes, so
    you know exactly what it is. I am willing to bet, it's EGR realated.

    Those are all my EGR codes.

    Shows the pressure at the DPF, which is low, so it's not clogged, it's cracked.
    This is after a REGEN, where it's about 10 - 12.xx mbr beforehand.

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    Default Re: deisel particle filter

    bumping this back up so that the OP can see his original thread was replied to and there is no need for a second thread
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by Gargamelmk2 Hidden Content
    Its very windy....accidentally pissed on it.....I have no regrets

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    Default Re: deisel particle filter

    I’m thoroughly impressed by the amount of knowledge in the forum here. If it were me, I'd be scrambling for insurance or warranties to see if that big lump of money could be covered somehow! Always pays to check and see if anyone else might have a similar or easier solution hey?

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    Senior Member PowerslavePA is on a distinguished road PowerslavePA's Avatar
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    Default Re: deisel particle filter

    They are covering certain failures of the DPF, but it depends on miles. It should
    not clog up within 200,000 miles, unless you keep interrupting regen cycles. I got
    230k on mine, though I cracked mine, PA has no emissions checks on diesels... I hit
    the DPF metal casing with a ratchet, by accident of course, you know, working on
    the car... Guess it broke the DPF up a little, oh well... 230K, no lights, 210mL load.

    ALSO? He has a 2010, let VW buy it back... Problem solved. They're already taking
    them back now, just takes a while. You need to make an appointment. They have a guy
    there, and he goes over the car, and hands you the check... Make sure it's for what they SAID
    it was going to be, they have short changed people a few hundred backs here and there; but
    they got it back. They get the buy-back amount in a statement, then get a check for the
    wrong amount.

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