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    Default 96 Jetta GL

    Recently purchased a 96 Jetta GL w/ 185K on the odometer.

    Gentleman wanted 1500, talked him down to 1200 after he smogged it. I'll be the 3rd owner, still has the original owners manual with maintenance and stereo pamphlets in it's original leather case. It was kept in the family and well maintained, and is bone stock minus some cheap kenwood deck the guy before me put into it.


    -Sunroof only lifts or opens 1/3 of the way (appears to be a track issue, TBD)
    -Driver side door lock, passenger side door lock does not work with key (ordered two new door handles for now and am getting an alarm with keyless entry in a few weeks)
    -AC does not blow cold (blower motor and heater work, all vents work, going to do a freon bump and check for leaks within the next month or two)
    - Cluster Speedo/Tach work when they want to (found a DIY to check the connections, going to look into this next week sometime)

    Overall I'm happy with the purchase. I definitely see why they call it a 2.Slow now

    Here are some pics:

    Engine/Interior pics to come soon...

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    Default *Update*

    Door handles and locks came in from ebay, install was simple and they both work like they're supposed to. After the install I realized the stock alarm system engaged (red light near drivers side door lock) so that was nice. Total cost = $15.00

    Here's the video I referenced to get the job done: How to replace Jetta door handle

    I noticed that my passenger side reverse bulb is out, as is the passenger side license plate bulb. Ordered the replacements and got around to the license plate bulb. Replaced both with 6K led's, looks a lot cleaner and is more visible at night. I'll get around to the reverse bulbs (ordered 6K led's for those also) sometime this week. Total cost = $10.00

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    Default Interior...

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    Default Engine Bay ...

    20 years and 185K miles later...

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    Default *Update*

    Wheel Covers = $20.00

    Really want some BBS or MSR wheels, but that's not a priority right now. All in due time

    Needz Moar Low!

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    Got some upgrades for the MK3

    I'll post install pics later...

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    Default *Update*

    Got the new bulbs in (6K halogen) and the sunroof visor. Definitely easy and cheap upgrades, and took little to no time to install.

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    Default *Update*

    Out with the old...

    In with the new...

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    Fresh Wash

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    So took the jetta to a local mechanic last week to have the AC system looked at, hoping for the best. Had the high/low ports pressure checked. No leaks, plus the blower motor was working, heater worked fine, and the clutch was engaging. However, after the flush/refil plus high/low pressure checksl, turns out my compressor is no good. So that is still on my to do list...

    In the meantime did a full synthetic oil change + air filter change since I had no idea when the previous owner did such a thing, and man I'm glad I did.


    While I was under the hood I did a quick clean up with engine degreaser and a rag. She cleaned up alright.

    After the air filter change she does run noticeably smoother, so thumbs up to FRAM and my $10.00 pep boys rewards card.

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    Default Re: 96 Jetta GL

    How you liking it? Im looking at a '95, have you done anything performance wise?

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