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Thread: Ignition switch problem?

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    Question Ignition switch problem?

    Hello all,
    My problem is this, crank no start. I get the CEL on crank and the only pending code is for the hall sensor. Prior codes were for a bad fuel pump and that has been replaced. The fuel pump relay and fuse are good and the fuel filter and regulator have been replaced, all for regular maintenance.
    What happens is when I unlock the door with the key I can hear the pump purge/prime but when I put the key in the ignition and turn to any position I can't hear the pump do anything. I'm thinking the switch may be bad. So far I've checked all wiring at fuse box and relays and have 12.8 to 13.2 volts at the pump and at the relay.
    Any thoughts or suggestions?
    Thanks, Ken

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    I think thats what happened to the one im looking at cause they wired it for push start

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    Not sure of you got this fixed or not, but i can give input. If in a bind when this happens, all you need is to turn key on and jump 2 treminals on top of the starter (i would have to send pic to be specific). For more permanent, but cheap fix, you can install a push button switch in the dash and run wires through firewall grommet to the same terminals and you are good (this for standard only, may be other issues with auto). This (along with the fact its a manual) are somewhat of a theft deterent).

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