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Thread: DSG Fluid Cooler (heat exchanger)

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    Default DSG Fluid Cooler (heat exchanger)

    Which hose is the SEND and which hose is the return, on the DSG
    transmission cooler. I know the hoses are coolant, the cooler is basically
    an exchanger. I have an AUX cooler I want to attach to the line that
    goes TO the exchanger, for another stage of cooling. Don't care about the
    overall coolant temperatures, I run hot with the EGR disconnected. I just
    need the answer, not a lecture.

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    Default Re: DSG Fluid Cooler (heat exchanger)

    It goes into the Trans cooler, out, then to the oil cooler, so I suppose
    I will be tracing lines. IF the diagram is right, IN is the back hose, out
    is the front hose, so I will just have to see where they go...

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    Default Re: DSG Fluid Cooler (heat exchanger)

    Sorry man wish I had some experience with and could provide some insight

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    Default Re: DSG Fluid Cooler (heat exchanger)

    I have the study guide for the DSG. The cooling circuit shows it goes to the Cooler,
    then to the oil cooler, so I will just have to follow the hoses. Remove the input side,
    which would NOT be the one to the oil cooler, would be the other one. I just want
    a few degrees of cooling, but at 195K+ miles, probably is too late anyway... I also need
    to do a complete flush of DSG fluid next time, or get enough out that is as close
    to 7.2 liters as possible. Doing 4.7 liters each change leaves enough bad fluid in
    the system. So, I plan on removing the drain stuff, then starting it up and run for a
    few seconds, pumping more out into the drain. Then just put in what came out...

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