Hi there, new guy over here. i recently bought a clean 90 jettta 1.8 auto for $200. i bought it knowing it had a no start issue. buddy said that the would just click. well the previoud oowner before him did the relay retrofit, the guy i got it from replaced the ignition switch and brandnew starter. so i started messing with it found the relay was bad and cleaned up some bad grounds. well i got the car to turn over with the ignition wire to the starter. so i know the starter is good. switch the wire from the ignition to the starter wire from the ignition and nothing. si i tried to jump the ignition. made a jumper from pin 15 to 30. then jumped that to pin 50 and all that happens is a relay under the dash clicks, or what i think is a relay thats clicking. i have tried reading more on my problem but not much info on this particular problems i have read alot on the starter retrofit and ignition problems but everything is new, im getting frustrated at this point.. anybody able to help me out? would be greatly appreciated