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Thread: Cooling Fans NOT working

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    Default Cooling Fans NOT working

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to chase down why my cooling fans won't work on my 2011 MK6 Jetta. 2.0T.

    So far i've researched these forums and many other posts but would like to try sort this out so that we can actually reach a conclusion as many threads just stop (probably when they fix the issue)

    I've confirmed that the fans both spin with the AC on. The AC is COLD.

    I noticed an issue when the oil temp would get hot after a long drive. I also notice my engine temp is around 96C most of the time. Between 93-96C. Too hot! Oil temps reach 112C just cruising up a hill. They'll hit 118C if you start to get into it.

    The car will be at 98-100C with the A/C OFF and the fans do not engage at all.

    Any tips? Really appreciate your help and hope to resolve this issue for future VW owners.

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    Default Re: Cooling Fans NOT working

    First off, 90c is 194 degrees, which is fine. 100c is 212, so how is that
    abnormal? If your TEMP light has never come on, then there is no problem.
    When you are in motion, the fans don't need to come on, and won't. They come
    on when you idle once the temps get high. 194 is fine when driving, can vary
    from 182 to 194, and 210 when idling. If the fans come on with the A/C, then
    they work. That means the relay works just fine, if there is an issue it would
    be with the ECT sensor.

    If you have VCDS it will tell you there is an issue, even if the CEL is not on.

    OIL will always be hotter than the coolant!

    Has the light come on for over heating? IT will...

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    Default Re: Cooling Fans NOT working

    Thanks for your reply.

    No i've not had any CEL or indications that something is wrong other than monitoring temps via OBD and noticing that the fans never seem to come on.

    The highest water temp i've seen was at idle = 105C / 221F
    Surely that is hot enough to engage the fans?

    Also when i first purchased the car, i'd see oil temps on the MFD around the mid 90C and sometimes just over 100C when going hard. Now it is consistantly over 100C just around town and 115C on the highway.

    Sure no lights have come on, no CEL, BUT an increase in temp is always something to be aware of and ask the question.

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    Default Re: Cooling Fans NOT working

    I've also scanned with Torque App via OBD port. No faults.
    I don't have VCDS sorry.

    VW must have a specific temp that coolings fans should kick in?

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    Default Re: Cooling Fans NOT working

    115C on the highway is odd, since you are moving air through at 45+MPH, the fans would
    not be on anyway, but yeah, 115c (221F) is high. They should come on at 195F, for most
    cars, but if you have to, for now, run the A/C so they're on.

    Some cars, not till 230F, like the Pontiac G5.

    You probably need a new thermo stitch. I read 98C kick on for Jetta, Passat...

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    Default Re: Cooling Fans NOT working

    Quote Originally Posted by PowerslavePA View Post

    You probably need a new thermo stitch. I read 98C kick on for Jetta, Passat...
    Looking into this over the next few days. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

    Appreciate any more other tips.

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