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Thread: Headlights for 2012 Jetta

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    Hey guys, so about almost a year ago I bought some mimick LED headlights from Auto Zone when the ones that came with the car went out. They didn't even last me a year and they were cheap. So I was wondering what you guys suggest I buy, I prefer something really bright like HID's. I've searched EBay but don't want to buy the wrong ones. Any suggestions would help. Thanks

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    Default Re: Headlights for 2012 Jetta

    LEDs are not good for these reflector housings, they don't have the full 360 degree light emissions.

    HIDs are better, but still light scatter. I use HIDs because I drive nights, and are tired of replacing
    the driver side H7 bulb every month... HIDs last a year or so.

    If you have the clips that hold your H7s in, you're lucky, and will be easy for you to
    use HIDs. If you have the twist in, lots of work, and is hard twisting them in, for how
    you have to do it...

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