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Thread: Heated mirror self destructs

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    Question Heated mirror self destructs

    Oops, subject should be self destructed as it was the original and only happened once. Thank you PowerslavePA for helping clear the confusion. Has anybody experienced a heated mirror shattering and separating off the heat element? I was on a freeway when this happened; the heat was on. Has anybody bought one of the units with glass. heater and holder off of ebay from China or Hong Kong? Did it fit?
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    Default Re: Heated mirror self destructs

    Does this happen EVERY time you replace it, or did the original one just finally go?
    You used self "destructs", PLURAL, so that tells us you replaced it a few times, and they
    all did that, so it has happened more than once. If once, then it just self destructED.

    I would not buy from China/Hong Kong, they don't have any standards over there, and
    it could melt, or even fail. They don't make them the same, they don't use the same
    materials. The heating element is crucial, and must be done right, or it can get too hot,
    or not hot enough. Then, you have the chance it will work fine... Touch call, but
    do what you will.

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