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Thread: 2006 TDI will not run...

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    Cool 2006 TDI will not run...

    I have a 2006 TDI, I have had it about five years and I have never changed the fuel filter. The last couple of days, it will fire up but will not run for more than a tenth of a second. I am thinking it is starved for fuel. Could I be right? All the best, Mrx99
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    Default Re: 2006 TDI will not run...

    Change the fuel filer and see what happens, simple as that. They're a 40,000 mile maintenance piece.
    If you have not gone 40,000 miles in 5-years, then no... I don't think there is enough clogg, even in
    5-years to prevent idle. Acceleration, perhaps, not idle. Or, it deteriorated and pieces of it are clogging
    the lines to the engine. The only way to find out, CHANGE IT, it probably should have been done anyway.

    I would be leaning more towards one of the fuel pumps though. HPFP failure is more prominent than anything

    I am sure it runs longer than 1/10th of a second, because that would be like one cylinder fired, and
    that's it, and would carry no momentum. I don't think you realize what a 10th of a second is. It takes
    longer than that per stroke... If the key was in the RUN position and the engine ran, it was MUCH longer
    than a 10th of second, even longer than half second. Running for a 10th of a second is impossible, as
    soon as you went form start to run, the motor would stop. IF it continued running, it has to be for
    at least 1.5 seconds for continued momentum. As a human, you can't even measure a 10th of a second.

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