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    Hello Folks,

    Very new to this forum and VWs in general. Looking to buy a used car and came across a 2006 Jetta 2.0T with 153K miles for $3,600. There are some services records. Most recently Camshaft seal(s) replaced, Crankshaft oil seal(s) replaced, Oil and filter changed, Timing belt replaced, Vacuum pump replaced and the Water pump replaced. This was all done by a local German garage about 5,000 miles ago.

    What other potential big ticket items could I be looking at in the foreseeable future? The price is decent and I will just be driving it back and for to work.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Electrical issues...

    Still a good price for what was just done. They're higher than that on
    Craigslist. If it's a TDI (Diesel), then 153k miles is nothing...

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    The 2.0t's have a big issue with carbon build up on the valves when it gets bad it will cause a cold start misfire. If it hasn't been done yet it really should. It'll probably run you about $700-$800 dollars depending on your area and labor costs. I would strongly recommend going to the dealer or a vw specialty shop to get this done it is very labor intensive. Also check the cam follower for the high pressure fuel pump they have a tendency to get chewed up by the cam causing massive issues. (i.e taking out the pump, then the cam, then the head.) There's an updated cam follower that I would highly recommend looking into it holds up better than the stock one

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    I went over this with someone who said they paid $800.00 to "manually" have their valves

    The '06 2.0T has an FSI motor.

    Common Problems:

    A catch can would help with this issue, and I don't know why they don't use them.

    Carbon build up starts as soon as 33,000 miles.

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