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Thread: Lowering MKV Advice

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    Hey guys, Have not been on here for a while, so I forgot my old account info and had to make new. I also have tried to retrieve it with no luck! Anyhow, I know this probably has been covered extensively, but I am lowering my car 1.4 inches and was concerned about the axle/sway bar clearance. Will only that little drop cause a rubbing issue in anyone's experience?

    Info on the car/suspension:

    08 Jetta S
    17" Sparco Pro Corsa wheels
    Stagg shocks (had these in the past, they were great for the price. No issues)
    Vogtland Sport Springs

    Changing out all shock/strut mounts.

    Guys, I know you love your coilovers! I love my springs... (Simple and no worrying about what height is best). I am looking for past experience from anyone who has lowered their mkv, and at what point did you need to change either the sway bar, or the sway bar links to prevent rubbing against the axle?

    In the past, I've never had to worry about this. Previous cars, 83 GTI was dropped 2.5", 91 golf was dropped 2.5", 92 Jetta GL was dropped 2", Finally, my 02 Jetta was lowered 1.4". (To name a few) Never had to worry about this, but I have been reading and I'm finding mixed responses in other threads.

    Any, and all help is welcomed and appreciated!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Lowering MKV Advice

    just a bit of advise because I learned this the hard and expensive way for the cost of a half decent set of springs and struts and all the other giblets with it you would have already paid for a decent set of coils already pre-assembled with the ability to fine tune your ride height to have low without having the rubbing
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    Default Re: Lowering MKV Advice

    I appreciate your reply Skim, I really do! As mentioned, I am looking for previous experience in regards to what height of drop should I be worrying about the sway bar rubbing the axle. As mentioned, I never had an issue before with any of my cars, but the mkv is new to me.

    I have never experienced coilovers, but I have no interest in them, and I have my reasons. Coilovers are great way to lower for some, but do not meet my need. Besides, I only paid $400 for my set, not counting the shock/strut mounts, and from experience running the same set up on another car, I completely trust it. The quality is actually really good.

    Can you reach out to any buddies who have lowered MKV's for me?

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    Default Re: Lowering MKV Advice

    Since you're only dropping about an inch and a half you shouldn't have any issues rubbing with sway bars and axles. If you were going two inches or lower then you would have an issue but you should be fine.

    Source: Have lowered multiple MKV's in my time

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