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Thread: 07 Jetta 2.5 High RPM's at idle HELP!

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    Unhappy 07 Jetta 2.5 High RPM's at idle HELP!

    I have a 2007 VW Jetta 2.5 with about 132,000 miles on it. I was having issues with the RPM's while in neutral. They would go about 2000 and then fall to about 1200 and it was doing this off and on. The CEL did come on and the code was P0411 which is "secondary air injection incorrect air flow". I took it to the shop and they replaced my PCV lines, my vacuum pump, my MAF sensor, checked all vacuum lines and hoses, and now it is stuck at the 2000 RPM's steady. They have checked all the valves and sensors, the entire fuel system, the battery and cables, the temp sensor, the list goes on (and so does my bill) and they cannot figure out what is wrong. My car has been in the shop for two months now and we are at a point where I might have to bring it home broken. I live in a very small town and do not have a lot of options as far as VW mechanics go. I was hoping someone had another suggestion that I could pass on to the shop to try to figure this out. I am really not in the place to purchase a new car right now but I am afraid that is where I am heading. Help? Please?

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    Default Re: 07 Jetta 2.5 High RPM's at idle HELP!

    What does the idle air control valve look like? Has it had the throttle body cleaned yet?

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    Default Re: 07 Jetta 2.5 High RPM's at idle HELP!

    They put a new throttle body on it and it was doing the same thing. I am not sure about the idle air control valve....I will ask them about it when I speak to them today.

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    Default Re: 07 Jetta 2.5 High RPM's at idle HELP!

    Since you had the pump and hoses addressed, these remain:

    Air bypass solenoid harness is open or shorted
    Air bypass solenoid circuit poor electrical connection
    Air bypass solenoid leaking/blocked or stuck open/closed
    Air diverter valve leaking/blocked or stuck open/closed

    An air pump is used on the vehicle to lower tail pipe emissions on start-up. The Powertrain
    Control Module (PCM) grounds the Air pump relay control circuit which energizes the Air
    pump. The PCM also grounds the Air combination valve vacuum control solenoid circuit,
    which energizes the Air vacuum control solenoid. Vacuum is then applied to both Air
    combination valve diaphragms which opens the shut off valves. The PCM enables both
    circuits simultaneously when Air system operations id desired. When the AIR system
    is active, then Air pump forces fresh air into the exhaust stream in order to accelerate
    catalyst operation. The AIR combination valves replace the conventional check valves.
    When the AIR system is inactive the shut off valves prevent air flow in either direction.

    Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p0411_volkswagen.html

    Read more: https://www.autocodes.com/p0411_volkswagen.html

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    Default Re: 07 Jetta 2.5 High RPM's at idle HELP!

    I don't believe I have heard any discussion about these things so I am honestly not sure if they have been looked at. I will definitely send it over to them for suggestion. Thank you so very much for your response!!!!!! I have spent hours reading about this issue and posting in forums and haven't had much luck. So I appreciate you taking the time to reply. My car has been there three months now....I am very much over this!!!

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