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Thread: 1994 2.0 CEL light help

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    Default 1994 2.0 CEL light help

    so my new to me jetta came to me with " minor" issue that seems to change everytime i "fix" something. currently my issue is that at random my CEL comes on and the car will lose some power ( almost feels like a misfire situation) the CEL code i keep pulling is 2214: engine over revved Rpm Signal.... this happens while im driving down the freeway (approx. 3k rpm) and some times even lower than that when im in town.

    The repairs I have done so far: plugs, cap, rotor, injectors, MAF and crank shaft position sensor.

    My question is what else can cause that code? thanks in advance

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    Default Re: 1994 2.0 CEL light help

    Chexk if it is out of timing..

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    Default Re: 1994 2.0 CEL light help

    Over-rev is usually a transmission speed sensor. The RPMs appear to high
    for how fast/slow the car is moving. ALso crank sensor, or wheel slip, or
    clutch slipping on a manual.

    However, the code you posted indicates an emissions problem, a NOx Sensor,
    O2 sensor, not an over-rev code.

    The 02214 VAG code is a tire pressure warning, you don't have TPMS.

    P0219 is engine over speed.

    P1560 is also Maximum engine speed exceeded

    So, I don't know what you're writing. The code you put doesn't match any
    over-rev condition.

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    Default Re: 1994 2.0 CEL light help

    it was a blink code not a vag code.

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    I guess i should post what my fix ended up being...

    the hall sender in the distributor was the culprit. i just replaced the entire distributor, i picked a new 1 up for $73 through rock auto, and so far so good. I still have some small issues to deal with but its running like a champ.

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