ok so I bought this car from a buddy at first I was getting a fault code for the engine speed sensor g28 so I replaced that after I replaced it the tach would work intermittently and the car stalled whenever I came to a stop. I took the car to the dealer for further diagnostics. I have the Ross-tech program but I was getting all kinds of errors. The mechanic tells me the Wiring harness in the engine compartment is fried and Needs replacing. I pulled the harness and sure enough something had hit the harness and there were all kinds of damage. I repaired each damaged section by soldering together and heat shrinking after liquid tape to avoid any water that might intrude. When I plugged everything back in the car fired right up. the problem is the Tach isn't working and the car won't shift right. I plugged back into the Ross-Tech and ran diagnostics while running and the rpm's are showing on the computer. any ideas would be greatly appreciated I'm at my wits end oh yeah and the Glow plug light oil light, and check engine light won't go off. thanks