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Thread: Massive coolant leak

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    Default Massive coolant leak

    Hi all, first post here. I have a 2002 Jetta 2.0 5 speed wagon. I bought it used 3 years ago and supposedly it had a new water pump and timing belt installed a few months before I bought it. Yesterday when I drove to work (approx 11 miles) as soon as I pulled in a parking spot my low coolant light started to flash. Popped the hood and the reservoir was almost empty. I got it home last night, had to fill up the reservoir to make it. I have it jacked up in the driveway and it appears to be leaking from the bottom belt pulley on the passenger side of the car. I took the TB cover off and the belt is dry. The leaking is pretty heavy when I remove the reservoir cap. When I start the engine it doesn't leak at all when idling or when parked.I have done quite a bit of searching but cannot find a definite answer on this. Could it be the WP cover? Is there a way to remove the pulley to get a better look? I am somewhat mechanically inclined, and have a buddy that can help me out. I have attached a photo, please excuse my paintbrush skills. The red arrow is pointing to a water droplet. Thanks all!! Oops wrong jetta forum. please move to the mk4
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    Looks like weep hole, more than likely it's your water pump, imo.

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