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Thread: 2013 Jetta HYBRID / DSG Mechatronics Problems

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    Thumbs up 2013 Jetta HYBRID / DSG Mechatronics Problems

    I just picked-up my repaired car today as local VW dealership diagnosed and replaced
    a faulty mechatronics unit in my 2013 Jetta Hybrid ( DSG/7-speed / 58,000 kms).
    VW Powertrain Warranty fully covered repairs.

    Happy to report the car no longer stalls at stop signs or in heavy traffic.

    The DSG now shifts smoother.

    E-Mode is now back in operation.

    Start-Stop Mode is now working as it should and not cycling on-off constantly.

    Braking now steady and not jerky.

    Even gained in the process a new display of D1-D7 in instrument panel instead of just D.

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    Default Re: 2013 Jetta HYBRID / DSG Mechatronics Problems

    I've got to say these hybrids were not VW's best idea out there, I've seen nothing but issues with these car's and there not all that efficient, all I can say is best of luck with it because if anything go's wrong with it repairs are not cheap
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by Gargamelmk2 Hidden Content
    Its very windy....accidentally pissed on it.....I have no regrets

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