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Thread: headliner sag.

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    Default headliner sag.

    My headliner is sagging just in a few spots.When push the liner back up to the ceiling ,it sticks for a few seconds then falls again.I was thinking of using an iron set on a low setting to just see if it will get the glue to work again.BAD idea? What do you think?

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    Default Re: headliner sag.

    This is a common issue with the mk4's over time the glue just gives out, your best bet is going to be pull it out remove the foam underneath reglue it and wrap it
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    Default Re: headliner sag.

    I'd agree with Skimmer0220

    However, for a quicky fix 3M makes some great carpet glue in a
    aerosol can ( used on my boat floors ) if you can drop that area
    just follow the directions.

    The thing is just how long will you be back at it ?
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    Default Re: headliner sag.

    ok , thanks for the help
    may try the spray adhesive.

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